Tree Branch Star

As promised, here’s another easy but effective Christmas decoration which tones in with my colour scheme of indigo blue and neutral tones. A tree branch star. I always pick up interesting branches when I’m out and about. This particular project is make from a pile of grape vine cuttings I found outside someone’s house, and lichen covered sticks picked up on a road trip to the Adelaide hills recently.

Look at those glorious colours. I love the colour and texture of the lichen, and the curly tendrils of the grape vine. The ultimate would be birch tree branches with their glorious white bark.

The first step is to cut or break the thicker branches into ten even lengths.

Set aside the smaller branches and tendrils for use later in the project.

Group the branches into five pairs. I used a thick with a thin, or a grape vine with a lichen covered branch.

Then secure one end together with string or wire. I used a neutral colour string, but I think thin copper wire would look great too.

I recycled this string from gift wrap from a Birthday present I received today. (Thanks Renea) Turns out she recycled the string from the gift wrap from a present I sent her in May. How’s that for reuse!

Then place the five bundles into a five pointed star shape. Secure the points with more string or wire, and secure where the branches meet in the middle too for stability.


Then poke the shorter sections of branch into the strings to add more body and shape. You could tie them if need be but I found mine stay in place by weaving them through the main branches.

You could add decorations, or a string to hang it from. Or even thread small christmas lights through it. I put mine on the mantle with other items in my colour palette.

If you want you could always spray paint it. I think white would look lovely.

An easy ten minute project that looks great all year round.



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