Christmas Crafts

Yes. ‘Tis the season.

Every year I have a different colour theme for Christmas. I admit it. I have no life! I match the gift wrap to the decorations, and I make my own cards that team with the theme. This year my theme is continuing my current love for indigo shibori dyed fabric, and beautiful vintage neutrals.

So today I thought I’d show you the little Christmas tree I have made as a decoration for my mantle, and the gift cards I’ll be attaching to presents. Get ready for a series of posts on Christmas crafts.

Start with a paperback book. I got mine for about one dollar at a thrift store. Try not to get one with too many pages. You’ll see why. I also prefer the look of old yellowing pages, but that’s not essential.

Pull out a page and put it aside to fold into a star shape later.

Then start folding. Fold the top right hand corner into the middle of the book.

You can just do that one fold on each page to make a circus tent type shape, or fold again for a christmas tree shape. Fold the right hand outer edge into the centre of the book.

Then fold the little triangle that sticks out at the bottom of the book up, so the base will be flat.

Continue this with every single page. Yep. Did I mention this is very time consuming?

It becomes difficult to fold as you go on, but try and keep each fold going right to the middle.

The most difficult bit to keep tidy is the very top point. When you get to the end just trim the tatty bits with small scissors to neaten it up. You can fold the front and back covers, but I cut them off.

Poke a wooden skewer into the centre, and make either a flag or star out of the spare page. Attach with glue. You can glue the front and back pages together if necessary to keep the round shape.

Imagine a small cluster of these folded book decorations using books of different heights decorating the mantle for Christmas. Experiment with different folds and see how many shapes you can create.

I made this gift tag with a strip of cardboard cut from a gift box, a strip of vintage manuscript, a feather and a small piece of string. I stamped Noel too for a Christmas feel. Instead of music you could use pages torn from a book, maps from street directories, old dress making patterns, cut up children’s art. Endless possibilities.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Crafts

    • Hey there lady! thanks so much for stopping by. I’m glad I’ve inspired you. I’ve got plenty more Christmas projects on the way.

  1. Cute Sam! I remember my girls made a chrisas tree like this at school using a magazine, which created a colourful version of this!

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