How Do You Sleep At Night?

How do you sleep at night? I sleep snuggled under layers of beautiful hand dyed fabrics.
One of my favourite things to do is dye fabric. Of course I try not to buy anything new. Part of the Fabulous Scavenger manifesto is Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle. Thrift stores are a treasure trove of fabric, at bargain prices. I look for cotton and linen sheets, pillow cases and cushion covers, and bedspreads with brocade or patterning straight from the sixties or seventies, with beautiful fringing.
A quick dip in a vat of dye, either bound up with string to create patterns, or left to create a block colour with subtle variations, breathes new life into repurposed fabrics.

This heavy bedspread used to belong to my parents and was a pale grey colour. It shrank and was too small for their bed so Mum gave it to me. I dyed it blue, and now it looks great on my bed with a pile of cushions I also made. The deep indigo tones compliment my neutral linen quilt cover.

The fabric on these cushions was dyed with a variety of folding and tying techniques. I love all the colours and patterns together. They are random but work together perfectly because of the complimentary colour palette.

This thrift store bedspread started life as a lovely soft gold colour. I tie dyed it for a mottled effect.

Thrown casually over the bed, I think it gives a decadent and slightly dishevelled look.

A perfect mix of textures and colours.

This IKEA cushion was given a makeover with indigo coloured dye.

The art wall and vase of blossom covered branches adds to the over the top feel.
Sleeping like a Princess need not cost a fortune. Raid your linen cupboard, visit your local thrift store, splash some dye around, and create a peaceful haven to dream the night away.


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