Cupboard Door Blackboard

A few months ago I showed you a crusty wire fronted door I picked up on the street in the council clean up.


This photo may jog your memory. It was love at first sight. Sure my family who were stuck in the car while I trawled around checking out people’s junk weren’t impressed. Clearly they lack vision!

It sat on my mantle for a while, like a piece of art, before I decided to give it a little makeover.

I have been very busy constructing craft projects out of the treasures I find and selling them at markets. Including creating blackboards with side of the road and thrift store picture frames. That inspired me to create something practical and useful out of this cupboard door destined for landfill.

So I tore out the wire mesh with pliers. Then I painted a piece of MDF with blackboard paint and nailed it to the back. And hey presto! The cupboard door blackboard was born.

I love this makeover. Here it is sitting on my bedhead with a large ornate key resting on it.

And here it is sitting on the dressing table in the hallway. It would be great in the kitchen too, as a place to jot down a shopping list.

Such an easy makeover but the results are great.

Stay tuned to The Fabulous Scavenger. Soon I’ll be offering unique pieces like this blackboard for sale.


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