The fabulous Scavenger doesn’t do minimalist. I subscribe to the “more is more is more” philosophy. Sure, it means there isn’t a bare surface in my entire house, but on the upside everywhere I look is a beautiful object that makes me happy. And I certainly don’t do clutter. Oh no! My belongings are arranged and displayed within an inch of their lives. There’s a lot for the eye to see, but it isn’t confusing or chaotic. (That’s my brain, not my decor!)
When I find something I like, I will inevitably seek out more, and before long I have a collection. And then I need to find an interesting way to display my collection. Not a chore I assure you.
Let me introduce you to a very small selection of my collections.

Apothecary bottles! So beautiful, and a wonderful snapshot of times past. They don’t have to be expensive. I find a lot of mine for a bargain price at the local market. I also make my own with repurposed vitamin bottles. They are easy to display. Simply gather en masse and the different heights, shapes and muted colour palette will do all the work.

Vintage silver cup trophies. Their glamourous shapes and patina make these a favourite of mine. Here I have them lined up on my mantle.

Candle sticks. This isn’t officially a collection. I have plans to make cake stands out of these. But while I wait for the perfect plates to balance on top, I’m displaying them under a glass dome. Any object, no matter how humble, takes on rock star status when displayed under a glass dome.
Oh, I’ll show you the cake stands when I’m finished.

I can’t stress how important it is to make friends. I picked up these gorgeous old boxes for free at the market when the seller was dumping them in the bin! Now, he lets me rummage for treasure in his “throw out” box at the end of the weekend before he disposes of it, considering it unsellable. I’ve picked up some incredible things.

More glass…. I love it so. These amber glass flagons are the best colour and shape, and look great with bare branches adorned with decorations at Christmas time, or any time for that matter. Sometimes I hang things around their necks, like vintage keys on chains.


Framed bugs. this is just a small selection of the entire wall of butterflies, cicadas, and moths. These have been picked up on holidays, on EBAY, and have been given to me as gifts. I even found one at a thrift store and reframed it. I look at them and am amazed at nature’s incredible beauty.
Please excuse the screen door reflection. It’s not pretty!

I have so many collections. Birds nests, shells, rocks, souvenir spoons, flags, old books, maps….. And I can always, always, find room for more.
What do you collect?


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