Colour Inspiration – Yellow

Today’s colour inspiration is yellow. Such a bright bright, cheerful and sunny colour. It is however, a colour I never decorate with, and I had very little I could photograph to inspire you. So I set myself a challenge. Could I introduce yellow into most of the rooms of my house for less than $15? I hit the thrift stores, then the hardware store, and I think I just may have succeeded. My total purchases are as follows
– 1 can of yellow spray paint $3.40
– 1 tube of yellow acrylic paint $2.50
– 1 thrift store scarf $3.00
– 1 thrift store foot stool $4.00
– 2 side plates $1.00

For a grand total of $13.90. Read on to see how the challenge went.

Firstly I painted up a thrift store crate I bought a few weeks ago and was storing in the shed. It’s perfect for holding books in my daughter Sydnee’s room. Just out of interest, I also made the bunting that’s hanging behind the crate. I used repurposed ribbon from gift wrap, and fabric from my daughter’s baby dresses. Completely free and very cute. But I’m getting side tracked. Back to the task at hand.

In the entrance hall, a stack of National Geographic magazines add a big hit of yellow, along with some artworks I made. A branch with yellow autumn leaves, and some daisies with their little yellow centres complete the look. I considered buying a bunch of yellow flowers, but decided a handful of daisies from the shopping centre carpark were a much thriftier idea.

I used some of the magazines in the bedroom too. They are joined by the thrift store scarf, which I tied onto a plain lampshade that I was storing in the shed. A couple of paint colour swatches stuck to the bed head also bring yellow into the scheme.

I picked up two of these cute little plates for only 50 cents each! I love the polka dots around the outside. Here I’m using one on my dressing table as a place to throw sunglasses, keys, change etc into.

This foot stool was pale green with teddy bears stencilled on the top. Not my style at all! The shape attracted me though, and I needed one so Syd can wash her hands at the sink. So out came the spray paint, and here it is. Looks great with the plain black and white scheme of the bathroom.

Now to the kitchen. Lemons are an obvious choice for a yellow scheme, but why put them in a boring fruit bowl when they can be displayed in a large jar. This jar was used a vase at my wedding, and I bought it at a discount store for about $2, over ten years ago! I also put walnuts my neighbour picked me from his tree, into a yellow biscuit tin. They look lovely displayed with a small blackboard I made from a frame and some chalkboard paint I had from a previous project. (stay tuned for that project by the way)

In the lounge room, I made some art with paint colour swatches, free from the hardware store. and also with the yellow paint. I put paint down the middle of the paper, folded it in half, and smoothed it out so the paint spread on the paper. When unfolded, a symmetrical pattern appears. A very quick and easy project that kids love to do. I tied the scarf around a black and white cushion, an easy quick fix to change the look of a plain cushion, and yes, I even used a play doh container as a vase. Why not? Yellow is a playful colour so don’t take it too seriously.

And last but not least this fabulous chest of drawers, a seriously lucky side of the road freebie. Here it is with a display of kid art, number stamp art, and a yellow plastic bucket being used as a vase. An interesting mix of items highlighting an interesting colour. I think I succeeded in creating cheap, cheerful yellow displays in my home on a very small budget. Would you agree?


8 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Yellow

  1. Hey Sam – I love your photo frame wall, I think I am going to copy it – thinking I might go with red frames though? 🙂

    • Thankyou so much for your feedback. I’ve never really been a fan of yellow but this has given me a new appreciation! The footstool is definitely an improvement on the pale green with teddy bear paint job it had originally. If anything stays still long enough at my house I’ll spray paint it.

  2. Love love love it!! How great does yellow look! It’s so unbelievably cheery! I love how you made this into a challenge. How fun. Tying a colored scarf around things; genius!!

  3. Nicely done! I also have a clear vase that I fill with fruit (often lemons) and place on the dining room table or on the kitchen counter…amazing how a little splash of yellow can brighten one’s soul!


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