The Fabulous Scavenger, At Your Place.

Hi all. It’s been way too long between blog posts, but it’s time to get back here and tell you what’s been going on.
I’ve been very busy this year putting my treasures out there to the public, in the form of a market stall. My hand dyed fabrics, and pieces of furniture made from repurposed materials, have been a huge hit. I have grand plans to set up an Etsy account, but until that happens I’d like to introduce you to my Facebook page. Just look up The Fabulous Scavenger and there I am, keeping you informed of market appearances, and new products. If you’re interested in purchasing anything, please comment, or send me a direct message, and I’ll make it happen.

Here’s one of my hand dyed single quilt covers, used as a lounge throw, that will be available at Flinders Street Market. 230 Flinders Street, Adelaide. South Australia, on sunday the 21st of December.
Thank you all for being patient with me during my blog absence. I’ve been busy taking The Fabulous Scavenger to the next level, and I hope to continue, with an Etsy shop, selling in retail stores, plus other exciting projects. Stay tuned.


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