The Cabinet of Curiosities

It’s been slim pickings around these parts lately. Most of the wonderful treasures picked up in the last council clean up have been sold, and I’m on the hunt for new material, wherever I can get it. A couple of weeks ago, after at least a month of scavenger drought, I found some old kitchen components on the side of the road. Some drawers, and some glass fronted doors. Definitely worth picking up. even though I didn’t know what I’d do with them. Sometimes it takes a while for the inspiration to come to me.

Here they are as I found them. I gave the drawer a good clean, and took the handle off. I gave the door a clean, and a coat of varnish to bring out the colour of the wood. Then I attached the door to the drawer with some hinges I rescued from an old IKEA blackboard that belonged to my daughter, but had seen better days. (She left it out in the rain… Not her finest hour). I then attached a doorknob to the door (I borrowed it from another piece of furniture), added a keyhole I picked up for $1.00 at a market, and lined the inside with pages of a vintage cookbook, again picked up in the council cleanup.

Here it is filled with a selection of beloved treasures. It would also look great lying flat on a coffee table, filled with objet trouve such as shells, feathers and stones. I may add some shelves down the track. but for now It’s perfect. An angelpoise lamp spotlights the contents, giving them added importance.
And the good thing is, I’ve got enough materials to make two of these! So one will make it’s way for sale at a market very soon. Follow me on Facebook for details of my market locations and dates – the fabulous scavenger


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