To Market, To Market.

Today I thought I might introduce you to some of the items I’ve been creating using the Fabulous Scavenger manifesto of rescue, repurpose, recycle. I love creating. And I also love taking my creations to markets so others can enjoy them.

I’ve been making bedspreads out of thrift store fabric, using an indigo coloured dye. They look great with any colour scheme.

shibori cushions

I’ve also made cushions. Again out of repurposed fabric. The geometric folding technique is a current favourite of mine.

Shibori lounge cover

The bedspreads also make great lounge covers. Our lounge is looking a bit shabby. But nobody need ever know with this burst of colour to draw the eye.

These wall hangings are made with vintage images printed onto water colour paper, and picture frame timber rescued from the hard rubbish collection. Such a great way of adding inexpensive and interesting art to the wall.

I’ve made greeting cards with my original photography, including some images from this very blog!

I’ve made bunting in two sizes, from vintage paper such as music manuscript, old maps, and children’s book illustrations. Bunting is great for parties, kid’s room decor, or just to add a bit of “yay” to the every day.

These bath salts are made with essential oils, and are perfect for easing sore muscles. I’ve made little bags out of hand dyed fabric to pop the salts into.


And finally I’ve been making blackboards out of all repurposed materials. These have been really popular at the markets I’ve taken them to and I just can’t make enough!

I hope to be able to offer some of these for sale here soon. Let me know what you think. I always appreciate feedback.


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