Fabulous Furniture

I know I know, It’s been way too long between blog posts. Guilty as charged. But life has become very busy for this fabulous scavenger. As you know I’m a bowerbird who can’t help but collect beautiful things that attract my eye. Street treasure has been abundant, and my shed is bursting at the seams with finds. So I decided it’s time to start clearing out. I’ve been crafting up a storm, and taking my goodies to local markets.
I’ve fallen in love with market culture. The wonderful, talented people I have met never cease to amaze me. It’s such a friendly, social environment and a great way to spend a sunday.
So, today I thought I might show you some of the furniture I’ve been revamping to sell at the markets.

Some of you may remember this thrift store find. It’s had many coats of paint, and been used in pretty much every room in the house.

It looks like this now. Gloss red with a scratched up, distressed finish. It’s been a favourite of mine. But it’s time for someone new to love it to death.
Just out of interest, the suitcase and terracotta pots were also side of the road finds.

And then there was this. A terribly ordinary coffee table I rescued on a rainy day from a fate in landfill.

I elevated it to new lofty heights with some simple metal legs, and it enjoyed some time in the entrance hall with a coat of mint green paint.

But now it has a handsome coat of gloss red and it’s ready to begin it’s new life.

Now this is a bit special. I based this on a piece of street rescue furniture I made over back here and I think it turned out really well. The music manuscript title pages add a gorgeous touch of nostalgia, and I created six faux drawers out of a crate to give it an apothecary cabinet look. In this photo it’s missing one drawer knob. But that will be sorted before it makes it’s way to the next craft market.

The cabinet on top of the dark wood piece is a wooden wine rack, which I’ve also painted red. Yep… love red.
Everything here is headed to the market. I’m so glad to be able to breathe new life into items destined to be thrown out, and let them be fabulous for years to come.

I’m considering offering my smaller, handmade items for sale here on the blog. On my next post I’ll introduce you to some of the other things I make from recycled, repurposed, and rescued materials.


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