Five Minute Fabulous. Chairs

Over the years I have amassed a rather extensive collection of chairs. In total I have 20 dining chairs. No. I don’t have a problem. Thanks for asking.
Lots of these chairs have of course been collected from the side of the road. And some of these chairs are a little worse for wear.
I’ve been doing some major clean out duty in the shed lately. Gathering materials and treasures for sale at craft markets. While rummaging through the piles of stuff, I had a brainwave. I decided I should give some of the more crusty chairs a bit of a makeover and take them to the markets.

So I grabbed the hand saw, and chopped off the back of the chairs. Now they are perfect little stools or side tables. It’s such a transformation, and so easy.

The small mint green table was once a children’s chair that I bought for one dollar at a thrift store. It started to get a bit rickety, so I hammered a few nails in to make it more stable. Now it’s the perfect little table, or pot stand in the garden.
The perfect five minute makeover to breathe new life into that chair you have hanging around.


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