Books, Books, Books

While trawling for street treasure recently I was very fortunate to see a man putting piles of books out the front of his house for collection. Turns out he was a Doctor getting rid of all his old text books. I asked if I could have a look and he said I was welcome to take them. Brilliant!!!
So I scrounged and sorted and came home with a huge pile of interesting books. Most of them were medical books but I also found some other gems like ancient cook books, an Italian – English dictionary, an old copy of The Hobbit and some books full of maps.

Here’s a lovely stack of books with beautifully coloured covers. The birdcage was another side of the road find. I’m using it like a display dome.

There’s a set of three anatomy books published in the fifties. It’s filled with wonderful line drawings.

The three books look great tied together with natural jute string in a little stack. The colours are just perfect.

I love typography. The pages and writing in these books are just stunning.

Of course a stack of books makes a great display platform.

My oh so helpful daughter pulled all the pages out of a tiny musical dictionary. So I hand dyed the pages with indigo coloured dye. (my current colour crush) The unique patterns and colour variations make them works of art. Here’s a page in a simple frame. I plan on using the others to make strings of bunting. I’ll also use the maps to make bunting which I sell at craft markets.

I also framed a couple of the dust covers. An easy way to create art out of the simplest things. Books are the greatest decorator objects ever.
How do you store and display books in your home? I’d love to know.


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