On The Road

I’m a collector. A scavenger (and a fabulous one at that), a treasure hunter, a gatherer of objects, a lover of the worn and imperfect. And because of all this, I have accumulated a vast quantity of items. I’m very lucky to have a massive shed in which to store all these treasures. Without it I would be a candidate for the tv show “Hoarders”
I change my decor often, bringing different items in from the shed to have their moment of glory. Then, when I yearn for something new, they get retired to the shed again and I bring in something else to shine.
I also love bringing home raw materials like mirrors and wood, which I then fashion into new objects.
It’s no surprise then that I have way too many things. So I’m taking The Fabulous Scavenger on the road. Selling my found and handmade treasures at various craft markets for a whole new generation of people to enjoy.
Today I thought I’d introduce you to some of the precious gems I’ll be selling at the next market.

Ahhh vintage suitcases. Is there anything more perfect! I have acquired a large amount of these. I use some around the house as clothing and shoe storage, but it’s time for other people to enjoy their simple nostalgic beauty.

Every day is a party with bunting. It’s amazing how a simple length of small flags can create such a great celebratory feel to a room. I have made mine with all manner of vintage papers. Music manuscript, wrapping paper, vintage newspaper, maps, and children’s storybook illustrations.

These bottle stands are made of jarrah wood I salvaged from an old gate. The bottles are repurposed vitamin bottles. They look great as vases, or with sprigs of fresh herbs in them on the kitchen windowsill.

These greeting cards feature my original photography.

Some more repurposed bottles, with vintage style apothecary labels. I cluster these all over my house and fill them with simple flowers picked from the garden. (or the neighbours garden)

I was very fortunate to pick up some wonderful wooden stools in the council clean up yesterday. Here they are with some of the terracotta pots I found a few weeks ago.

I love the market atmosphere, and have met some wonderful, creative people. If you live in Adelaide, South Australia, check out my Facebook page – The Fabulous Scavenger, for news on which markets I’ll be attending.


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