From Landfill to Luscious

I have a backyard filled with side of the road finds at the moment. The result of three recent treasure hunts during the local hard rubbish collection. They’ve been piling up and taking over the whole backyard. Today was the day to get organised.
I spent most of the day moving things into the shed in an effort to reclaim my garden space.
Then, with a clean tidy space to enjoy, I was inspired to makeover a piece of side of the road furniture.

This wooden cupboard was pretty shabby, but I dragged it home because I knew it had potential. And I’ve been looking for a place to keep our shoes in the entrance hall. This fitted the job description perfectly.
First task was to make a top for it.

I have lots of crates that I’ve picked up on the street. I decided to use the wood from these two to make a slat top for the cupboard. I almost didn’t pick up the white crate. It was falling apart and some of the wood was rotting. But the paint was so perfectly peeling I just couldn’t leave it behind.
I rescued the best of the wood from the white crate (only four slats) and the other unpainted crate and got to work nailing them to the top of the cupboard. I lined up the edges along the front, because I didn’t want to see cut edges. I even reused the nails.

I created a pattern. Three plain slats, then one white slat.

Once nailed down, I sawed the edges off the back to create a nice neat top.

Once construction was finished, I pondered what colour to paint it. Gloss red, mint green. Both good options. But in the end I decided to use a combined stain and varnish. A decision make easy by the fact I knew I had a full tin in the shed, and I didn’t want to spend a cent on this project. I could see that the wood would come up nicely, so I grabbed a paintbrush and got to work.

The stain and varnish brought the colour of the slats out beautifully.

Such a transformation! But it needed something more…..

It needed typography. A couple of sheets of vintage music manuscript, cut to size, then glued in place and stained the same colour as the wood, added the finishing touch.

I can’t stop looking at it. I love this piece so much.

It’s the perfect surface to display my favourite things. I’m giving it a night outside for the varnish to dry and the fumes to disappear. But tomorrow after work I’ll bring it inside and style it to within an inch of it’s life!
Oh, and let me talk you through the bits and pieces on top. The art has been printed on the computer and framed. The bottles were given to my by my boss, who digs them up in her garden. I printed the labels, stained them with coffee and stuck them on with a glue stick. The books were found in the council clean up, and tied together with string, and the leaves are sitting in a vintage jam jar being thrown away out the front of an antique store. A cheap and cheerful cluster of interesting and quirky items.


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