Pot Head

Sometimes the junk Gods really smile on me. As you know I love council clean up. The wonderful time when people put their junk out on the side of the road to be collected and disposed of by the council. To me, the footpaths are paved with gold.
Last weekend I was heading off to a craft market when I drove through a suburb have such a clean up. My eyes lit up with glee as I tried to take it all in. I couldn’t wait to investigate once the market was finished. Well the market came and went, and off I went to check out the potential goodies.
I unearthed a few things. A big oval metal tub which I have planted up as a herb garden, a large picture frame which I will be turning into a blackboard. But the biggest highlight was 49, yes I said 49, terracotta pots. So perfectly crusty with so much character I’m smiling as I write about them.

Aren’t they fabulous! I did a little victory dance on the street when I saw these bad boys.

As luck would have it I took lots of cuttings recently from succulents that were growing in the garden of a beach house I spent the day at. They’ve been in water, developing roots, waiting for me to plant them. I think they look wonderful and I plan on selling them at the next craft market. Except for this one. I”m rather fond of this one, with it’s perfect mint green paint.


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