The Great Wall

Ok. I admit it. I tried to be minimal. I pulled all the art off my bedroom wall. I just hung one beautiful vintage map print. It was lovely. But it wasn’t long and I yearned to add more, and more, and more. Soon the vintage map was relocated, and my love of organised chaos was restored.
Now this is not just any art. You see recently we bought a printer. Yes, a bit behind the times I admit but it wasn’t a priority. Now a whole world of joy has opened to me. The world of the “free printable”

Most of the art on this wall has been printed on the computer, and is framed in frames I have picked up in the throw out pile at a local antique store. Free!

To add interest I’ve hung a few different items. I made a string of bunting out of music manuscript. The camera bag is over 100 years old, and was given to me by a dear friend. (Wait till you see the camera that came in it)

The moose was a gift from another friend, and I printed the colour chart then aged the paper with instant coffee. The Dr Seuss quote is special to me because “Oh the places you’ll go” was read out at my wedding.

This gorgeous ornate frame was only $4.00 and the card game box was only $1.50. The box contained a deck of cards, instructions on beautifully yellowed paper, and some scoring cards. I bought both items from The Quakers thrift store on Kensington Road in Adelaide, South Australia.

A handful of vintage bottles displayed under small glass domes, and a bit of greenery, completes the look. I look at this wall every morning when I wake up, and it makes me smile.


4 thoughts on “The Great Wall

  1. 1. I think your idea of chaos is beautiful.
    2. You used a printer (smacks head). Brilliant! I have one of those!
    3. You’re growing your jade plant in water? Didn’t know they’d do that…

    • Hi. Thanks so much for your comment. Free printables are my new best friends!! As for the jade plant, yes. I’ve found most succulents will sprout roots if kept in a vase of water. Then I just plant them out later.

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