A New Paint Job

Stay still for long enough in my household and chances are I’ll paint you. You may remember the sideboard I picked up on the side of the road back here. First I painted it pink. And I loved it to death….. for about five minutes. Then I got bored with it and gave it a new paint job……

Matt black. I loved it black, and it looked great with my computer desk in the bedroom. But recently redecorated my bedroom and moved it back to the entrance hall. I decided it  was looking a bit tatty and needed a new paint job.

And as with almost every item of furniture in my house, eventually there comes a time when I feel the urge to hit it with gloss red spray paint.

Naturally this is my favourite of all the makeovers. I gave it a couple of coats of paint, keeping it a bit patchy and uneven. Then I scraped  all the edges down with a steel ruler to rough it up a bit and expose the other layers of paint and the bare wood. Finally, I gave it a coat of clear gloss varnish.

I love side of the road finds. When a piece of furniture is free it’s easy to experiment without worrying about ruining it.

So that brings the tally of gloss red furniture up to five. But lets face it, you can never have too much shiny red!



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