Pallet Bed Head and Revamped Lampshades

There’s a business just around the corner that always puts out a big pile of wooden pallets with a sign saying “free pallets. Please take”.  Well, you don’t have to ask a fabulous scavenger twice.

A few weeks ago my son and I piled as many as we could into the boot of the car and home they came.

I have made a few things with them. I constructed simple boxes out of the planks which I filled with home made goodies for Christmas presents. I made them into frames for blackboards. But here’s my favourite project. The pallet bed head.

These pallets are large rectangles, made of pretty lousy ply wood. There’s a few slats on the bottom and a sheet of ply on the top.

Here’s the under side.

I removed slats from another pallet, then cut them to size and nailed them to the outside edges of the pallet.

Next I grabbed an old single bed quilt that we no longer use, stretched it over the pallet and used a staple gun to attach it to the back. I trimmed the excess fabric from the corners to reduce the bulk.

Then I stapled a beige bed sheet that I had previously shibori dyed dark blue onto the pallet. It looked great. But………

….. After living with it for a few days I decided I wanted my bed head to be covered with a two dollar woollen thrift store blanket. I simply draped the blanket over the pallet and tucked it in at the back. So if I want to change back to the shibori fabric I can.

I love the result.

And see those lamp shades? I was inspired to give them a makeover when I spotted them in the shed while rummaging for my staple gun.

They were gold coloured raw silk when I bought them for a few dollars at the thrift store. When I needed a change I painted them red. But after a while they started looking a bit faded, blotchy and shabby. Time for a makeover.

First I ripped all the fabric off the frames. They are such an interesting, ornate shape they don’t need fabric.

Then a quick coat of my favourite spray paint. Gloss red.

Voila! Revamped lampshades. They cast great shadows on the wall, and are easy to change with a new coat of paint.

So if you’re looking for a couple of craft projects to freshen up your bedroom decor in 2014, why not try a pallet bed head and revamped lampshades.


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