Red Cross

Last week I was looking for a project. Something fairly easy, using materials I already had. A quick glance around the shed yielded a large wooden crate. I’ve had it for ever and it was starting to look a bit tired and faded. The perfect candidate for a make over.

I was slightly terrified to open it, given that the shed is full of redback spiders, but it was mercifully empty and devoid of wild life. I gave it a wipe down to clean off the dirt and spider webs, then set to work.

My current obsession is anything with a red cross on it. I love old medicine chests with their wonderful red and white colour scheme. So with that in mind I gave the chest a light spray with matt white spray paint, going straight over the metal hardware.

Here it is. Looks terrible doesn’t it? But fear not, it improves.

I then measured and marked out a cross shape on the  middle of the lid. I painted it with a small brush and gloss acrylic paint I had in the shed.

After letting the whole thing dry. I gave it a serious sanding with some coarse sand paper, concentrating on the edges and corners, and around the latches. Anywhere that would receive the most wear and tear. I sanded over the metal components to remove the paint. After a wipe over with a damp rag it was ready to go.

I sanded the cross to give it an aged, worn look.

Here is the finished chest. I love the result. It looks like a completely different piece of furniture.

It makes an excellent coffee table with the bonus of storage for toys.

Of course an obsession means I can’t stop at one. A side of the road suit case I picked up in the council cleanup over a year ago was also crying out for the red cross treatment.

I almost left it behind it’s so trashed. But you know me, I see potential in everything. I cleaned it up and gave it a million coats of white spray paint.

A definite improvement. I have used it as part of a suitcase stack, and as a display platform, among other things. I would display it in the house for a while, then it would migrate to the shed, then back inside, as most of my things do. I like to rotate my items so I don’t get bored.

Anyway I spotted it in the shed and decided it needed something more.

Perfection. Funny how just a simple addition can make such a big difference.








































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