Office Chic

I think it’s because I’ve never worked in an office that I love office furniture. I love how sturdy and practical it is. I love how it looks slightly out of place in a home setting. When I was dropping my son off to school earlier this week I drove past a filing cabinet that had been left on the footpath. Score! I pulled over and hauled it into the boot of my car. It was seriously heavy, but when I see a side of the road treasure I must have it, no matter how much of a nightmare it is to get it into the car. It’s always worth the effort.

Battered. Rusted. Broken handle. Yep. It ticked all the right boxes.

It took some manoeuvering to get it inside, but here it is. A quick wipe down, a spot of glue on the handle, and some new labels, and it’s brought some wonderful office chic to the corner of the lounge room. not to mention it’s perfect for storing DVDs. The grey colour tones in beautifully with my small canvasses on the mantle and cushions covered in shibori dyed fabric. My new favourite craft.


Do you see the cluster of interesting objects on top of the filing cabinet? let me tell you about those.

I was doing a bit of thrift shopping yesterday when I found the best haul ever. Vintage bottles at ridiculously cheap prices. Finds like this are practically unheard of in thrift stores around here. The little white ceramic mortar (minus pestle) reminds me of a science lab crucible. And at 50 cents, how could I say no. And I just love the little metal “deck store” sign. I love anything with lettering. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have found these.

I think they look great sitting on the rusty top of the filing cabinet, with a large vase of lilies to add height to the arrangement.

Definitely a great week of fabulous finds.

Have you got any old office furniture that could be repurposed in another room of the house to create a bit of office chic?


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