The treasures just keep rolling in as the council hard rubbish collection moved to the suburb I work in this week. As you can imagine the second I finished work I was out there, cruising the streets. I dragged home a wooden dressing table with beautiful bevelled mirrors (more about that next time), and two wooden picture frames.


First up, a framed print. Even though at first glance this is pretty ordinary, I brought it home anyway. I like to bring things home even if I don’t love them straight away. When I’m at home I can think,  assess them, decide if they have potential, then either keep or dispose of them.

The second frame is large, with no glass. Instant love for this one.

I gave them a clean, and a coat of wood oil to bring out the beautiful colouring of the wood. When I turned over the small one to remove the frame I discovered magnificent peeling brown paper in the most perfect rich colour. So, the print stayed, and I displayed it with it’s face to the wall like a naughty school child.

I left the hanging wire on the large frame, and draped it in front of the small frame, I love the small details, imperfections, and quirks that come with finding something old. The brown paper is a work of art in itself.

We’ve had some windy days recently, and  found two bird’s nests blown from the branches onto the ground. Bringing my collection up to five. This large one is being displayed on the small green bathroom cabinet I found and the tone of the sticks works well with the wooden frames. A small cluster of amber glass bottles with home grown roses completes the arrangement.

What do you think? Am I crazy turning this frame to the wall? or do you agree there’s beauty in everything.



2 thoughts on “Framed

    • Thanks Renea. I’m so glad you came by and commented up a storm! The spam is driving me crazy. It’s nice to see a friendly face.

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