More Fabulous Finds

The streets were paved with gold recently during the council hard rubbish collection. My backyard is currently filled with amazing items I collected from the side of the road. More fabulous finds than I could have ever hoped for.  Things people no longer wanted. Things with so much character that I just had to bring them home and give them a new life.

Today I’ll show you some more of my lucky finds. I picked up four wooden crates, and three wire crates. They were covered in grime, rat droppings, you name it. But of course that didn’t stop me. Scavenging is not for the faint of heart! After a serious clean they were ready come inside and become part of the decor.

I chose to photograph these outside, because the weather was perfect and I liked the red brick backdrop. As you can see, a haphazard arrangement of crates makes a wonderful storage unit. I found the glass bottle, birch tree logs, and vintage ice cream tin on the side of the road too! So much treasure! I’m giving myself a high five as I type!

I’m in love with vintage books. This stack is a combination of market finds, and books found in an old suitcase given to me. I also have a selection picked up in abandoned buildings. They have so much history and character.

The ice cream tin was a very lucky find. they don’t make ’em like that anymore.

It makes a great vase filled with flowers picked from my front yard.

And here’s something I’m very excited about. I saw a little pale green box on the side of the road while driving home from work. Naturally I pulled over to check it out. One thing I’ve learned is to pull over as soon as you see something. If you come back later it will be gone. I pulled it from the pile of trash and discovered it’s true identity. A mirror fronted bathroom cabinet! Yes!

It cleaned up beautifully, the colour is magnificent, and I have a big soft spot for mirrors so this little gem ticked all the right boxes.

Now it sits on my dressing table, recently painted black as you may remember. I turned it on it’s side as it fits in better. Every day I look at it and it makes me smile.

It’s the little things.



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