Repurposing At It’s Best

As you know, it’s council hard rubbish collection time in my neighbourhood. And oh how the trash Gods have been smiling on me. I’ve picked up some amazing finds over the last few weeks that I can’t wait to share here. Today let me introduce you to a couple of items destined for landfill, which now take pride of place in my home. An old cupboard door, and two pieces of a dismantled wardrobe. They don’t sound like much, but wait and see what I’ve done with them.

The cupboard door. Filthy, covered in spider webs and rust….. Perfect right?! A quick spray with the hose and a good rub down, and it’s ready to go…….

…..onto the mantle. I absolutely love it here, leaning casually against the wall, nestled amongst all the other treasures. Sure, my husband thinks it’s a lump of junk, but he doesn’t get it. You just can’t fake the wonderful age. The peeling paint, the rusting and crumbling wire mesh, the door knob dulled from repeated use. All magnificent in my eyes.


While out for a run / scouting for treasure mission, I saw this wooden wardrobe. It had been pulled to pieces, so I drove back with the car and loaded up the base piece with its cute curvy legs, and one of the doors, complete with mirror. After a scrub, and removing the hinges etc, it was ready for it’s new life. The door was exactly the right size to fit onto the base. How could it be anything other than a coffee table.

Talk about repurposing at it’s best. I’m really happy with how this looks. It lightens up the lounge room and the mirror bounces light around and reflects the vases made from water and juice bottles, and a jam jar, beautifully.


I love the peeling paint. It adds a nice relaxed feel.

Look around. Don’t throw out that old piece of furniture. Could you repurpose it and breathe new life into it?  What could you use in a different way?

8 thoughts on “Repurposing At It’s Best

  1. I love what you’ve done here!
    Combining the two pieces together was a brilliant idea and the end result is fabulous.
    Very, very clever. xo

    • Even Dave likes the coffee table and he usually thinks I’m crazy dragging stuff home! As for the mesh door…… It’s had an upgrade. Wait till you see it now.

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