Drink Crate

It’s that time of year again. Yes, it’s council clean up time. Oh joy of joys! Mountains of unwanted stuff, piled outside onto the footpath, waiting to be plundered by treasure seekers such as myself. It’s usually the scrap metal merchants who cruise by first, looking for easy cash. then the people who break open the televisions, looking for whatever they look for. (Precious metal perhaps?) Then, when I finally get a chance, I jump in the station wagon and go on a treasure hunt. I haven’t had time to have a really good scrounge yet, but on the way home yesterday I happened across a very lucky and coveted find. A wooden drink crate. The holy grail of crates, with it’s painted logo and bright yellow paint. It’s a Woodroofe’s crate. An Aussie institution. I have quite the collection of wooden crates but most are just plain wood, so this was a rare treat.

A quick wash down to remove a million years of dust and spider webs, and it was ready to grace my interior decor.

Here it is repurposed as a bed side table with an ammunition crate resting on top. A bit student chic perhaps, but fabulous nonetheless.

And here, holding glass bottles filled with lilies, it makes a stylish decoration on a table.

Of course it would also be great filled with books or magazines, or to store shoes by the door. Drink crates are very versatile and make great storage for all sorts of things. Try stacking them on their sides as a bookshelf, or place three or four crates upside down in a group as a coffee table. How would you make a drink crate work in your home?


One thought on “Drink Crate

  1. I have five old drink crates at home, 2 are my bedside table, one is by the door filled with shoes, one with blankets and another is a little coffee table on its side holding magazines……..I now have the urge to rearrange!!!

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