Paint It Black

As you all know, picking up treasures on the side of the road is one of my favourite things. A few weeks ago I was driving home when I spotted two very colourful school chairs on the footpath. Someone had given them a seriously technicolour paint job, but I could see they had potential. In the car they went, and in the back yard they stayed for weeks, until today, when I finally had a chance to give them a makeover. I considered sanding them back to bare wood and varnishing them, and I may still do so, but for now I wanted a quick fix with maximum impact.

My current obsession is matt black. And I figured that would be the only colour that would have any chance of covering the crazy existing paint job without applying a million layers of paint. I gave them a quick wipe with a damp cloth, let them dry, then set to work.

See what I mean! The average person would have kept on driving. Lucky I’m not average. You just have to see beyond the dodgy paint job.

After a coat of black paint the chairs look amazing. They have a great shape and the single colour has transformed them.


I think they look great both as a display surface for some flowers, and at the end of the bed, with a shibori dyed cushion I made myself. They would also work as bed side tables.

So look around, find objects in your home that could do with a revamp, and paint it black!


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