Dressing Table. Version 2.0

Some of you may remember me picking up a dressing table on the side of the road a few months back. I crammed it in the back of the car, brought it home, and painted it pink.

Here it is, in all it’s musk pink glory. But as glorious as the pink was, I felt it was time for a change. I used it as a television table for a while, until I decided it would be great in the bedroom. But pink just would not do.

So I gave the dressing table a makeover. A handsome coat of matt black paint to match my computer desk, which I had recently painted with blackboard paint. I love it and think it looks great in the bedroom. It has lots of drawers for storage and space underneath to store books.

I know the dressing table is barely visible in this photo, but I just wanted to show you the fabulous map found in a vintage suitcase at a garage sale. More about that later.

I think the decision to paint it black was a good one. I do love a good side of the road furniture makeover.

What do you think? Team pink or team black?



6 thoughts on “Dressing Table. Version 2.0

  1. The blog is looking fantastic!

    I have to say that I actually think the black works better (at least until you change the colour again!)

    I’m so excited to have my table to play with now (thanks for all your input on colours)

  2. The pink was fun! The black sits well in this setting too…….I’m thinking red next 😉 I’m still trying to decide what colour to paint my daughters dressing table and here you’ve gone and painted yours twice in that time!! Haha!

    • Hey lady!! Thanks for dropping by! I know I know. I can never make my mind up! But I must say I’m loving the black (of course!)

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