Vintage Bottles and Mirrors

Recently I was talking to my boss about my love of all things vintage. I was telling her how much I love glass, and how I have a rapidly expanding collection of old bottles. Turns out she digs amazing vintage bottles out of the ground when she’s gardening at her property in the hills. Imagine my reaction! Then imagine my reaction when she said I could have them!!

Sure enough, a week later there’s a box of bottles waiting for me in the lunch room. Thanks Nicole. they’re magnificent.

Sixteen amazing bottles of all shapes and sizes. There’s one marked Faulding’s Eucalyptus Oil, one says Woods great peppermint cure for coughs and colds, the tiny green one contained smelling salts, and the tall bottle was from the SA jam association. So much local history and a little snippet of the past.

One of my interests is photography, and every now and then I get together with a couple of friends and we drive to the country and take photos. I am fascinated by how objects degrade, especially man made objects. Rust, peeling paint, broken glass, and abandoned houses and buildings are among my favourite subjects to capture. Sometimes I find bits and pieces in these places that I just can’t leave behind. Last weekend while up to my knees in discarded books and papers in an abandoned shed, I found a couple of mirrors. I adore mirrors. Even more so when the silver starts to peel off. I love genuine wear, ageing and history that just can’t be faked. The mirrors I brought home were filthy and covered in dirt, but I could see character just waiting to be unearthed.

After a bit of a scrub, the mirrors came up a treat. Perfect. I particularly like the one with the curved top and bevelled edge. Neither of them have hanging wires, but they look great leaning against the wall or laying flat as a display surface.

The small mirror looks great reflecting a selection of bottles displayed  on stacks of vintage books .



Here the mirrors look great sitting flat with the bottles displayed on top of them. The bottles look amazing with the sun shining through them, and they look lovely reflected in the mirror.

A single bottle, with a simple piece of string tied around it’s neck, makes an interesting  vase when hung from a door handle.

These gorgeous objects cost me nothing, and add beautiful vintage character to my house. I feel so lucky that found objects like this find their way into my decor.


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