Thrift Store Finds – Vase, Plate, and Her Royal Highness

Everyone knows I love thrift shopping. I love the thrill of the hunt, and unearthing a treasure at the bottom of a pile of junk is very satisfying indeed. Here’s a handful of items I picked up on a treasure hunt yesterday, and how I’ve introduced them to my decor.

I’m actually not sure what that little rack is for. But it’s aged and crusty so naturally I had to have it. The vase has a nice fluted shape which reminds me of old jelly moulds,  and it also looks like mercury glass which I love. The plate was a side of the road freebie! It even has wire on the back ready for hanging. I have a bit of a soft sport for portraits of the Queen. So when I saw this book I knew what had to be done………

On one of the first pages was this amazing portrait of the Queen. I cut out the page and put her into one of my thrift store frames. Now she’s being all regal on my mantle, next to the vase filled with lilacs from my garden, and a paper circus tent I made from a copy of Wuthering Heights I found on the footpath. Yes. Bizarre I know, but there it was!

The vase looks lovely in a cluster of vintage bottles. Some bought, some gifts, some found.


The wire rack is the perfect place to display jewellery.


And the plate, which is a bit smaller than a saucer, looks great hung on the wall, or as a place to throw the keys.

I have so many other thrift store finds I can’t wait to share with you. I hope you’re enjoying The Fabulous Scavenger and I welcome any feedback or suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds – Vase, Plate, and Her Royal Highness

  1. Loving the portraits of Lizzy. Can I swap you some lavender and rosemary for some of those gorgeous lilacs? See you Friday for our thrifty adventure!

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