Coffee Table Transformation

I love a good side of the road find. Seeing something in the distance and wondering – is it a pile of junk? or is there a hidden gem just waiting to be given a new life. On this rainy day, in amongst the garbage, I spied a wooden coffee table. Certainly not a design classic, but I could see potential. And I do so love a challenge.


it’s a nice, simple shape. With cute handles, but terrible legs! It had been sitting out in the rain, so I left it to dry in my shed for a few days. I then gave it a clean, knocked the legs off with a rubber mallet, and hit it with some left over mint green paint from previous projects. I then attached some cheap tubular steel legs from IKEA. Ideally I would like some battered, peeling turned wooden legs, or perhaps some scaffolding pipes for legs. But for now, the IKEA one’s will do. If I find the perfect legs, I’ll be sure to let you know.


And here it is. No longer a coffee table. It has a new life as a hall stand. The crates underneath, some found, some bought at a market, make great storage for shoes. I think the colour and curved front corners give it a Deco feel.

What do you think? With a bit of a facelift this coffee table has gone from boring to beautiful.


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