Five Minute Fabulous

Ok. So today I was having one of those “I need to create something” moments. You know the ones right? The recipient of today’s five minute makeover was my very boring light shades in the lounge room and entry. Functional, but far from fabulous. I acquired some wonderful musical manuscript recently from a thrift store. Vintage too! and at only $1.00 per book it would be wrong not to stock up. (Thanks Keri. I love it!)

I’ve already used the pages for lots of things. Wrapping paper and bunting to name two. The pages are beautifully yellowed and aged to perfection.

Here they are before they received the Fabulous Scavenger treatment.

I took the pages from the middle of the book, so they were two pages wide with a fold in the middle. I then wrapped them around the shade, glued the edges, trimmed the excess, and voila. I don’t switch the lights on very often, so I’m not worried about paper near the light globes.  Really it’s just to tone in with the surrounding art work.

Urge to create sorted.



2 thoughts on “Five Minute Fabulous

  1. Glad you love the sheet music, I haven’t used any of mine yet, I just can’t bring myself to tear them out the book. I’m sure I will get over that pretty soon. Must catch up for another thrifty day (I no longer work Fridays, yaaaaay!)

    • Hey there! I’m glad you found me now that I’m a dot com! I’ve done so many things with the sheet music. I absolutely love it.

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