Pallet Perfection

Pallets are an endless source of inspiration. So much potential. So completely fabulous! When I was out taking photos the other day I stumbled across the perfect pallet plank. It had faded crusty blue paint, and was just screaming for me to take it home and make it shine. (Yes. Side of the road finds speak to me).

I’ve seen planks of wood in gift shops, usually with art work printed on the top, with holes drilled along the length for bottles to sit in. Lovely, but out of my budget. Time to make my own. In this case I enlisted to help of my Dad. The power tool king. He lives for these sorts of jobs. I marked where I wanted the holes drilled. Chose the size holes I wanted, then let him loose.

Filled with random bottles, and a flower or leaf in each, I think my home made creation looks just as good as a bought one, with a price tag of zero.

Thanks so much to all my wonderful readers for being patient with me during my blog writing hiatus. I’m officially back now and can’t wait to start bringing you the thrifty, the found, and the fabulous.



4 thoughts on “Pallet Perfection

  1. Well of course it’s wonderful. I have to admit though I had my reservations walking down the street with you carrying that. Seeing it here is proof of your boundless talent. Keep up the great work partner.

    • Thanks so much Rhys. You laughed at me but it’s all about vision! The minute I saw this plank of wood I knew what I’d do with it. Now….. How about that shed door?

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