How often do you find a couple of ceramic urns on the side of the road? Never? I would have said the same thing. But while out for a walk the other day I passed an antique store, and next to that store in an unused doorway, was a pile of junk obviously considered unworthy by the antique dealers. There was crockery, a few ornaments, nothing fancy, and two white urns. The urns caught my eye and were in my hand bag within seconds, on their way to a better life.
At the moment I’m having a love affair with all thing white and neutral. So I knew I could include them in my current decor with ease. Yes they are a bit daggy and a bit tacky, but hey, you know I like a challenge.

I thought I’d display them with items I’ve found. Nothing here cost me any money. The wooden circle in the background is the top of a wine barrel, and I found the small suitcase in the recent council cleanup. I never cease to by amazed by what people throw out.


6 thoughts on “Urns

  1. They’re sweet and look great the way you’ve displayed them! Did you spray that suitcase or find it white? It’s so cute!

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