Roadside Door

While cruising the streets for treasure recently, I spotted an old door, with a perfect neutral colour and chipped paint. My son and I loaded it into the car, then drove home leaning forward and to the side as the door was taking up all the room! Worth it though, because it’s made a magnificent bed head.

Here it is. It didn’t need any work, just a quick clean. Then inside it went for it’s repurposed new life.

Such an easy transformation. It works perfectly with my side of the road chairs that are currently being used as bed side tables. I’m considering painting the door a mint green colour, but am hesitant because the door is very neutral at the moment, and will work with any colour scheme I choose. And let’s face it, I change the colour scheme often!
What do you think? I’m really happy with the result and it just reinforces my love of side of the road style!


6 thoughts on “Roadside Door

  1. I love the roadside find πŸ™‚ it always has an element of snatch and grab about it… even though the person is throwing it away I always feel like I am doing something illegal πŸ˜‰

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