Delicious Drawer

As you may know the council clean up worked it’s magic in my suburb recently, and while out on a walk (read – poking around in people’s piles of rubbish) I found a broken, battered little table. If it was in one piece it would have been fabulous, but it was beyond repair. It did, however, have a little drawer. I whipped it out of the table and carried it home straight away. It had potential my friends. Read on.

Just a crusty old drawer to some, but not to me. Look at that beautiful peeling paint, and the rusty handle. Perfectly imperfect. I pulled out the plastic lining, then gave it a good wash. Unfortunately when I blasted it with the hose most of the peely paint flaked off. Disaster! But enough remained to give it character. Now, what to do with it.

It makes a cute little platform for my coffee table, adding interest to the vase of lilies and stack of paperbacks.

And here it is being used as a mini library, holding a selection of reading material in the lounge room.
I just love being able to breathe new life into old pieces. This was destined for landfill, but now it’s a stylish addition to my decor.


12 thoughts on “Delicious Drawer

  1. love it! what an extraordinary find – but equally – what a fantastic repurposing! i think the layers of paint that remain describe the palimpsest…layers of history.

    • Thankyou very much. I love flaking paint, rust, any signs of age and decay. In fact, my instagram photos are filled with it!

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