The Wooden Tray

What’s the most wonderful time of the year? Christmas? Your Birthday? For me, it’s council clean up time. Yep, those glorious weeks where the unwanted contents of neighbourhood garages are piled onto the side of the road, waiting to be whisked away be the council trucks, never to be seen again. Of course before the trucks come, the people come. Slowly driving up and down the streets, checking for treasures. Every now and then a gem is spotted, the car comes to an abrupt stop, and the item is snatched up before someone else sees it. Oh joy!
The suburb next to mine is having it’s clean up this week, so I’ve been out and about searching for that elusive find. Today, let me introduce you to the Gibbs bakery wooden tray.

These days, baked goods are delivered in plastic crates. But this tray comes from a different time, a better time. It’s simple, solid wood, with Gibbs printed on the side. I picked it up on the side of the road, cleaned it up and put it to use.

Here it is on the coffee table, keeping everything neatly organised.

And here it is forming part of my mantel display. It’s functioning like a shadow box here, holding my metal letter S, which I’ve spray painted white since it’s last blog appearance, and a lily in a repurposed herbal medicine bottle.

A lucky find indeed. My back yard is filled at the moment with side of the road finds, waiting to be cleaned and spruced up, displayed, arranged, photographed and blogged. Stay tuned!


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