Bedside Table Bliss

Hello my friends. It’s been over a week since I dropped by. I apologise for my absence, but my life has become crazy hectic and something had to give! I will definitely continue fabulously scavenging, just maybe not three times a week.
But let’s not talk about that right now. Today I have for you some suggestions for alternative bed side tables.

Here’s an easy bedside table update. A chair makes a great table. And chairs are a common side of the road find.

This little round table was a lucky side of the road find during a council clean up. It looks sweet as a bed side table with a simple white lamp on top. The curves of the table and lamp are a nice contrast to the square cushions.

And of course I love a stack. Here I’ve used two suitcases and my red cross tin. A pile of books can look great too.

Vintage crates look fabulous as a bedside table.

This is the suitcase I got for free from a carpark. It makes a simple but effective bed side table when standing on it’s side.

Here, an IKEA bar stool makes a simple but effective bed side table. it looks elegant either with a scarf draped across it, or on it’s own.
I hope these ideas have given you a bit of inspiration to revamp your bedroom decor. I’m always happy to hear your comments and suggestions.


8 thoughts on “Bedside Table Bliss

  1. There has been council clean ups near work recently, on my lunch time walks I have been inspecting everything, there was one fantastic little cupboard but I resisted the urge to go get my car and swipe it!

  2. Just love those crates as a bedside table (well as anything really!) and the way you think outside the square is inspiring…..i.e. the suitase on it side! :):)

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