Friday Finds – The red Sideboard

This friday find is made up of bits and pieces I already have in my house. I haven’t set foot in a thrift store in weeks so I’m afraid I have no new things to show you. But, I’m excited to announce that the annual council clean up is coming to my suburb soon, so I hope to have a fresh new haul of scavenged items very soon.
Most of you have seen my white IKEA sideboard by now. I think every person on the planet has one. I have about six. One in each of my children’s rooms, one to hold crates of toys, one as a side board in my bedroom. And on and on. The Expedit shelving unit has got to be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture ever. But, sometimes I need a change. Ok, lets face it, I always need a change. I didn’t have another side board to substitute, so I made one of my own with small pieces of furniture I had around the house.

I used my side of the road find table, a bed side cupboard, my computer desk, and a small wine rack cupboard, all spray painted red. The matching colour gives a cohesive look, but you could use different colours for a more eclectic look. I think most of use have lots of small pieces of furniture scattered around the house. This is a stylish way to create one useful piece.

8 thoughts on “Friday Finds – The red Sideboard

  1. Oh. My. God. You are killing me! Red is our accent colour in our living room and now all I want to do is paint my crappy $9 LACK table (that was supposed to be a temporary table going on 2 years now) a glossy red. LOVE this!

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