Friday Finds – Science Beaker and Conical Flask

I love the utilitarian appearance of science lab stuff. Sensible, simple, dependable. But ex lab equipment is crazy expensive so I don’t have much. All that changed however when I was rummaging through my Dad’s shed the other day. There they were, covered in six inches of dust, on a high shelf, invisible to all but the keen eye. A tiny science beaker and a conical flask. I remember them well from my high school science days. Dad was happy, if not somewhat amused, to see my interest in them and had no problem handing them over.

Don’t they have such lovely shapes? A serious scrub later and they were ready to go.

I grow lots of fresh herbs in my garden. I love cooking with them so I always try to have some in the kitchen ready for use. I brought in my other science lab treasure, a thrift store flask, and filled them with flat leaf parsley, sage and mint. Delicious.

And naturally, they look great as vases. Here they are on the mantel, with the simple shapes of a lily and leaf in the bottom photo, and a small vibrant bunch of orange nasturtiums in the top and middle photo.
I really must go scavenging in my Dad’s shed more often!


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Science Beaker and Conical Flask

  1. couldn’t agree more- the utilitarian/industrial appeal of the science flask + the nostalgia appeal of school science classes- fantastic. and repurposing as a vase- terrific.

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