Friday Finds – Mirror

Last week I was picking up my son from school when I drove past what looked like a picture frame on the side of the road. I sent my son out to get it. (It’s good to have helpers) Turns out it was a framed mirror. Score! Yes it was filthy, and the frame was an uninspiring matt gold and black paint effect, but it definitely had potential.

Here it is. I gave it a good clean, removed the mirror from the frame, then spray painted the frame black. I do have other plans for this mirror, but for the time being this is a quick, easy makeover to make it decent.

And here’s the finished product, transformed by a very simple makeover. It looks great leaning against the wall with another small, thrift store mirror, a thrift store science flask filled with flowers and a sea shell forming part of the display.

The corner of a mirror is a nice place to display jewellery.

It also makes a great tray on the coffee table, holding neat stacks of books and a fruit juice bottle repurposed as a vase. I picked the flowers from a play ground.
I’ve said it before, but always keep your eyes open. You never know what you might find.


10 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Mirror

  1. Hey there, it’s @juliebean420 from IG. I’ve only read this piece and and a bit of the orange and pink article.. but I’m loving it already! You are so multi-talented! Very interesting blog.. and I absolutely adore the black and red decor! That’s how my bedroom is set up. Black, red and silver πŸ™‚

  2. Simple and effective! gotta love that! You’re such a tease though; telling us you have other plans but not telling us what those plans are!! Way to keep the reader coming back, haha πŸ™‚

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