Five Minute Fabulous – Bunting

Nothing says “yay” quite like bunting. There’s just something about a string of flags that screams fun. I had five minutes to spare and an urge to create recently, and here’s the result.

I grabbed my trusty old dictionary, ripped out a few pages, folded them in half and cut each page into two. then I cut each piece into a flag shape with the fold at the top. When unfolded they look like little diamonds. I didn’t measure anything, that would take too long.
Then I grabbed a glue stick and covered the inside of each piece of paper with glue. I then folded the paper over a piece of string at regular intervals. Again, no measuring required.

What do you think? So easy and cute. And of course the possibilities are endless. Gift wrap, fabric, paper doilies, newspaper. Make the bunting as long as you want.

Then I remembered, paint colour swatches! I have lots of them that I’ve kept from previous blog posts. Cut into little flag shapes and attached to string with miniature pegs. What could be easier? Imagine a rainbow of paint colour flags. What a lovely idea for a child’s room. I think a trip to the hardware store is in order for more paint charts.
Does your house need an easy craft project to brighten it up. Give this one a go.


7 thoughts on “Five Minute Fabulous – Bunting

  1. Love this! Especially the print ones. I was up late making garland then realized I used the wrong colour thread for my colour theme. Morale of the story don’t make garland at night.

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