Friday Finds – Lidded Jar

My obsession with jars knows no end. I love jars, and I love them even more when they have a lid. I popped into a thrift store yesterday hoping to find some clothes for a Joker costume for my son. Instead I left with a lovely lidded jar.

Nice size, nice shape, nice price of $2:00. Obviously I couldn’t leave it behind.

Here’s one of my favourite ways to display photos. I like to stick to a similar theme. All black and white, or all portraits, or all scenery, for a cohesive effect. My new jar looks great in this display. I will have to do a blog post on how to display photographs. Remind me won’t you?!

And here it is with a couple of other inexpensive lidded jars. As you know I like clusters of three. I filled the new jar with other small, amber glass jars. You know you have an obsession when you need a jar to hold your other jars! I like the look and the neutral colour tones in with the scrabble tiles and walnuts.
Lidded jars are so incredibly useful, and you can never have too many.


12 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Lidded Jar

  1. I often keep any glass jam jars after I’m finished with them and clear them out, and voila, I’ve helped the environment AND gained a new valuable find for my home! Love what you did with the photos and the jars inside a jar. Jarception….

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