Colour Combination – Red and Mint Green

Welcome to my first post in a series of colour combinations. A crazy busy week has meant that I don’t have many photos to show you today. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more organised next week. Today I have chosen red and mint green. This is the colour combination I have on my art wall in the lounge room. I think they look great together. I love the contrast of the cool, fresh, green with the hot, loud red.

In a mainly red display, the mint green vase adds a hint of interest. The large vermouth bottle was a side of the road find, and the mint vase came in a mixed bag of small items I bought for $2.00 at a thrift store. The cabinet used to be dark brown, until I gave it a makeover with gloss red spray paint.

Here’s a eclectic mix of thrifty finds. A $2.00 scarf, a shot glass I got for free when I bought some drinking glasses at a vintage market, a framed butterfly with a hint of mint green on it’s wings – an inexpensive market find, and an artwork I made myself with pages torn from an old dictionary.

I bought these beautiful glass christmas decorations half price in the after Christmas sales. I think they look great all year round. Here they are adding a pop of colour when displayed on a cake stand, and also piled into a decorative jar and displayed with a group of other treasures.

And of course, my mint green cabinet in the entrance hall is a perfect display area. I’ve hung red and mint green art works, including a red post card and a green birthday card that I kept. The large metal letter S was a half price find.
I hope you agree that this combination is a winning one. I’d love to hear from you if you have a colour combination you’d like to see here. I’m always open to suggestions.


4 thoughts on “Colour Combination – Red and Mint Green

  1. This color scheme is beautiful indeed! You’ve got great eye for colors. What do you think about blue and gold or blue and yellow?? Not really sure about specific hues, but I’m kind of picturing a darker blue rather than lighter.

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