Five Minute Fabulous – Flowers

As most of you know by now, I love flowers. I always, always have flowers in the house. Even if it’s just a single bloom I’ve picked on the way home from a walk, I’m not happy unless I have flowers around me. Here’s some quick and easy ways to display flowers when you wan’t something a bit unique.

Here I’ve used recycled herbal medicine bottles as vases, with a single daisy in each. I chose random drawers to hold the bottles. I think the result is fabulous.

Here’s the vase in a drawer idea again. My red bed side table looks great with a vase of pink camellias.

A couple of bottles with a daisy in each, look great displayed in the drawer of a side table.

Or, how about tying a cluster of bottles, vases and jars together with a piece of string for an easy display on a side table.

And here’s an easy way to add colour to a book case. Just push a couple of books back here and there, and place a small vase in the space left behind.
These ideas are perfect when you only have a few blooms to play with, or the big bunch of flowers you’ve had for a while has started to fade, and there’s only a handful of flowers that are still ok.
Hopefully these ideas inspire you to bring some flowers into your house today.


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Fabulous – Flowers

  1. I love the bookcase idea! Spectacular! My mother is a florist so we always have flowers! Thanks for the tip 😉

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