Friday Finds – Crate

I really love crates. I’m prepared to pay actual money for the perfect aged, weathered crate, such is my love. But a free crate? well that’s a treasure. I was driving home from kinder gym with my daughter last week when I spotted a crate on the side of the road. I quick, u turn and there I was, looking at a beautiful, blue wooden crate. Yes it was filled with garbage, but that was a minor detail. I tipped out the rubbish and had that crate in the car within seconds. It was filthy, and covered in spider webs, but that’s ok. A quick hose down and scrub and it was ready to make it’s debut as home decor.

Here it is. Dews was a home delivered soft drink company way back in the day. I love the colour and it’s a great size. So, what to do with it?

It makes a nice display platform in the entrance hall. Used the same way I use stacks of books, as a pedestal to display things on. Here it holds a little trio of goodies including a large vase of irises.

It makes a great bed side table too, either on it’s own or paired with another vintage crate.

It’s the perfect size to hold some of my collection of magazines.

It also makes a stylish coffee table when combined with other crates.
Or how about toy storage, or shoe storage, or planted up with herbs in the garden. Crates are incredibly useful, and I’m always happy to find them.


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Crate

  1. You have introduced me to crates, and I have fallen in love. šŸ˜€ So I will keep my eyes peeled for some awesome ones like the ones you always find.. You truly know when something you see can be given a home and made to shine again!

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