Colour Inspiration – Black

The final instalment of my Colour Inspiration series is black. Such a wonderful neutral. Black of course goes with everything and always looks great. I long for a blackboard wall, where I can write my shopping lists and my kids can spend hours creating artwork on the wall (instead of drawing on my white walls!).
Here’s some of the black bits and pieces I have around the house, and how it can be incorporated into your decor.

Scarves make great table runners and table cloths. Here I’ve used a black shawl as a table runner on my mint green cabinet in the entrance hall. Also bringing black into the theme are small framed black boards, black and white photographs, and a black and white vase. Black and white is the ultimate colour combination. A striped flower hair clip also adds a touch of black to the scheme.

I have a lot of black jewellery. Don’t forget you can display your jewellery to bring colour into your decor. It looks great on a vintage plate, or resting on a framed picture, and bangles look lovely stacked onto the neck of a bottle or jar. You can also pin brooches onto cushions and lampshades.

A small group of framed blackboards made with thrift store frames look great leaning casually against the wall. The smallest frame is being used as a tray for a repurposed aftershave bottle vase and a single flower.

This is a close up of a large piece of art I bought for half price from a gift shop. It brings a graphic shot of black onto the wall by the front door.

Simple black frames highlight the artwork on my art wall.

Here’s a typographical display of wooden letters clustered on a side board. Wooden letters can be bought inexpensively at discount stores, then painted any colour you wish. They also look great hung in a random group on the wall.

A black quilt cover forms a simple backdrop on the bed. Black and white cushions always look lovely, and any colour could be added to the mix. The bedside table provides a pop of red to the decor. Imagine a bright yellow bedside table!
Next week I’m going to start a colour combination series. Let me know if there’s any colours you’d like to see together.


7 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Black

  1. Wonderful!! Love the bedroom with the splash of red! Looking forward to your colour combo series – I won’t suggest Orange and Green! haha 🙂

  2. I love the wonderful ideas you get for your house and hope that you find many wonderful colour combination! May I suggest black and pink (a classic) or, like in my room, pink, purple and green? Raspberry pink, a muted purple and bright green are beautiful together!

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