Friday Finds – The Bowl

I’ve had a couple of triumphant side of the road finds this week, but, my week has been so crazy busy I haven’t had a chance to photograph them. So I’m afraid you will have to wait till next week to find out what they are. My apologies, but I hope it will be worth the wait. I do have some photos, however, of a wonderfully chunky white ceramic bowl I picked up in the thrift store for $5.00. It’s the bowl section of a mortar and pestle. It’s a great shape, and I think it has a bit of a science lab feel to it, which by now you probably know that I love.

Here it is. Such a simple beautiful shape. And the ceramic is about one inch thick, so it’s pleasingly heavy to hold.

It makes a great fruit bowl.

It also works in the bathroom holding extra bars of soap. What do you think? I’m loving this bowl.
Always keep your eyes open, you never know what you may find on the shelves of your local thrift store.


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