Colour Inspiration – Purple

Purple, you either love it or hate it. I love it, and back in my twenties my house was a purple palace. Now, even though I still love it I don’t really have much around anymore. I think purple benefits from standing alone. A single purple vase, or a single cushion, makes a lovely statement. Here’s a few purple items I rustled up and displayed in my house to give you some ideas.

Flowers are such an easy way to bring a colour into your decor. These beautiful irises are displayed in a simple glass vase, to show off their shapely stems.

One purple cushion is all it takes to add a hint of interest to an otherwise understated bedroom scheme.

I have a set of six Moroccan tea glasses in a gorgeous purple colour. I use them all the time, for vases, to drink from, or to serve desserts such as sorbet.

Here a single bearded iris looks stunning in my thrift store science flask.

A tea glass filled with roses from the garden makes a sweet display.

The mantel looks great decorated with purple tea glasses and flowers.

Here’s the lounge room filled with purple. Cushions, vases, flowers. It’s busy but it works.

I contained a display of vases within an empty gold picture frame on the coffee table. It ties in with the other empty gold frame positioned on the mantel.

And finally, here’s my new rosemary plant (my old one was fried in the blazing Australian summer sun) looking lovely in a purple glazed ceramic pot.
I actually consider purple to be a neutral. Almost all colours seem to work with it. Purple with pink, pale blue, red, yellow, orange, lime green.
Next week’s Colour Inspiration is black, then I hope to carry on this theme with a different colour combination each week. Hopefully I can inspire you to put together a colour scheme that you may not have considered.


11 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Purple

  1. I also love the colour purple, and I have it in every place I can put it! I love the way you’ve used it with other colours to give a beautiful effect. Bravo!

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  3. I went through a huge purple phase! I still love it but like you, it’s just not around so much any more. Now it’s Ruby’s favourite colour, she’s always wearing it and has a lovely purple mosquito net over her bed. It looks beautiful with turquoise and of course I love it with orange! Great photo’s as always Sam! 🙂

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