The Vintage Wall.

This week I went on a shopping trip to IKEA to get some new tea towels, and while I was in the area I popped in to our outlet shopping mall, called harbour Town. Now most of the shops at Harbour Town don’t interest me at all, but one shop shines out like a beacon of thrifty fabulous light. That shop is Typo. A stationary and gift shop filled with inexpensive, wonderful items that I love. They tend to have a bit of a vintage feel to the giftware, and on this particular day, they were having a sale! Oh joy of joys, I hadn’t driven for half an hour through city traffic for nothing. Here’s some of the bargains I picked up and the resulting vintage art wall that now graces the bedroom.

I got these two posters from Typo for only $5.00 each. I love flamingos, and you probably know by now I love all things typographical, so these two are much loved additions to my decor.

This one was on special from IKEA for only $5.00 also. It is similar to the art I make with vintage dictionary pages.

A set of five of these botanical print post cards cost me only $5.00 from IKEA. Love them.

Here is the finished wall. I included my anatomy poster wrapping paper and my printer’s tray. I love the overall effect. The colour’s are muted and the whole look is very vintage inspired. I kept the artworks in a neat rectangular shape, rather than randomly placed for the effect of one large artwork.

I got a pack of two of these posters from IKEA as well for only $5.00. This one is above the bed at the moment, and the other one is in my son’s room. So many $5.00 bargains!

While I was at Typo I also picked up this ceramic eye chart lidded box. I have been coveting one of these forever, and when I saw it was half price, well let’s just say that sealed the deal. I’m using it on my dressing table as a tidy way to store jewellery and bits and pieces. These pearls were only $4.00 from a vintage market.
I try not to buy retail very often, and when I do, it has to be a bargain. I think this little shopping trip was a thrifty success, don’t you?


11 thoughts on “The Vintage Wall.

    • Thanks very much, I’m really happy with it. I think you just have to stick with a theme. All these posters have a similar colour and vintage feel. Price doesn’t matter. I’m glad you like it!

  1. I want those posters!!!!
    PS – I’ve just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! You can choose to accept or decline but I wanted to let you know how great I think your blog is.

    • I know! I’m loving my new posters! Thankyou so much for the nomination, that’s really lovely of you. I will of course accept! I’m so pleased that you like my blog. It makes me happy creating it and love that people are enjoying it.

  2. You have a sixth sense – and that is being able to just smell out thrifty treasures! I think the effect is amazing, and very, very vintage. Awesome!

  3. Ok our weird cousin psychic link is getting stronger! Not only was I in Ikea on Thursday looking at the exact same posters/postcards trying very hard to resist the urge but I was on the Typo website on Friday placing my order and thought of you the minute I saw that eye chart box!

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