Friday Finds – Kidney Table

I have always loved kidney tables. I love the curvy retro shape. So imagine my joy when I discovered one in my local thrift store for only $9.95. I’ve never seen one for sale before so I snapped it quick smart. It’s solid wood and well constructed, but slightly battered. Of course that’s never a problem for me, I like a bit of character. I did choose to give it a bit of a make over though. Hello spray paint!

Here it is as I found it.

After a couple of coats of my favourite gloss red spray paint, it looks stunning as a side table in the lounge room.

And here it is just being it’s fabulous self, holding a display of thrift store treasures. It’s a hit with the kids too. Jay likes to use it as a lego construction table, and Sydnee likes to pull up her $1.00 thrift store chair and eat her dinner at it.
Isn’t it a cutie! Such a lucky find.


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Kidney Table

  1. Oh wow, that makeover gave it just the touch it needed to become completely perfect! I think I need to do a bit of hunting, see if I can find one too!

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