Colour Inspiration – Pink

Pink is a wonderfully playful colour that works well in so many colour schemes. Pink and orange is heavenly, pink and lime green, pink and red, pink with black and white, pink and grey. I could go on. Most of the pink in my house is concentrated in one room – my daughter’s bedroom. Where I try and keep the rest of the house boy friendly, Sydnee’s room is pink princess central. My favourite pinks are hot pink, and pale pink. Pale pink is unashamedly girly, hot pink can cross the border into boy friendly I think, if the rest of the decor is simple and masculine. To be honest I don’t have many thrifted pink items, but I can still show you how, when the mood takes me, I use pink to decorate my house.

A pink cushion can look reasonably man friendly when teamed with simple bed linen, black and white cushions, and a red bed side table and art work. It’s just one cushion fellas!

Or, if girly is your thing, pile up the cushions in shades of black, white, pale pink, red and hot pink.

I made this bunting with ribbon saved from a present, and fabric from my daughter’s old clothes. A great easy craft project when you get the urge to create.

Of course it wouldn’t be The fabulous scavenger without my signature colour blocked book stack. I use it because it works. Admittedly there’s an odd mix of books here, but it’s the colour that’s important.

I picked up this brand new crochet cot blanket from a thrift store for only $4.00. It’s lovely and soft, and works well with Syd’s floral quilt.

Here’s the easy button art I made with a frame, buttons and a bit of spray glue. It looks pretty on the pink art wall in Syd’s room.

And here is the pink art wall. All these art works are inexpensive post cards etc, in cheap frames, some of which I’ve spray painted. I made the owl art with fabric offcuts spray glued onto a canvas I covered with pale pink fabric and a staple gun.

I’ve used the button artwork as a tray here, displaying some of my pink jewellery. I tend to wear mainly black, so it’s nice to add a pop of colour with a statement jewellery piece.

My hot pink resin bowls and platter add interest in my lounge room decor.

Here a pale pink cushion and black and white cushions look great combined with pink art on the mantel.

And finally, my collection of pink floral hair clips make a nice display on a vintage mirror.
I hope you are all enjoying my Colour Inspiration series.


10 thoughts on “Colour Inspiration – Pink

  1. More beautiful ideas! The bedroom revamps look fabulous and I love the hot pink canvas above the bed; very effective. Fab!

  2. Oooh! You’ve just given me a fab idea with some keys I bought to use as bling and haven’t quite got there yet. Thanks Fabulous Scavenger!

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